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the maker's mark dilution issue 2013


hear h. discuss what is at play in maker's mark announcement to water down their whisky,

from kcbs radio in san francisco on 2/15/13


click here to listen in.


and to read a bit more on the topic, go to h's blog here.


september 30, 2009   

h. on 2 fifteen minute segments on the tom lykis show

(national syndication)with adam leemon,discussing his career, cocktail culture

and making square one cocktails.


april 18, 2009

kgo radio (abc) host grace ann walden fills in on

the gene burns show andinterviews h. about vodka history,

pre-prohibition cocktails and 2009 san francisco cocktail week. listen in now.


july 1, 2008

national public radio's (npr) local outlet, kqed, hosts a one-hour

conversation about "the cocktail renaissance", featuring h.,

dale "king coctail" degroff and ted "dr. cocktail" haigh.

may 3, 2008

in a nationally broadcast piece, national public radio (npr) interviews

h. in elixir about what it means to be a “green bar” and how to make some organic cocktails.

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