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the 25 best cocktail bars in america

"you can always count on something fresh getting smashed in a glass.

elixir also hand-selects a barrel of buffalo trace bourbon. makes a killer manhattan"

-gq magazine, october 2010

2010 bartender of the year

h. joseph ehrmann

"...his receipt of the nightclub and bar bartender of the year award

is a testament to his abundant and well-known mixological skills,

but also for the way he's built a small neighborhood saloon

into a thriving san francisco landmark"

- jack robertiello, nightclub and bar magazine

top 100 bars in america

food and wine magazine's 2009 & 2011 cocktail books

the 20 best cocktails in america

"at an old saloon in the mission district, elixir owner h. joseph ehrmann

hasn’t just taken the mary out of the bloody mary; he’s severed the old broad’s head.

think sturdy, briny, and hyperspiced."

-will welch, gq magazine august 2008

best bars in america (twice)

"san francisco is sprouting a ton of new, interesting cocktail bars. alembic,

elixir, and rye -- to name just three -- are all doing very serious cocktails. "

-david wondrich, esquire magazine june 2008

elixir continues to be on the "complete list"  in 2011

"...there's something a century and a half of colonization by drunks does to a place that

no amount of drywall and paint can quite cover up. whether you call it "atmosphere"

or "funk," we like it — especially if you throw in excellent cocktails

and a fine selection of whiskeys."

-david wondrich, esquire magazine june/july 2010

"there are also some great cocktail bars in the area. one of them is elixir."

-dale "king cocktail" degroff

"from wine cocktails to the greening of the bar, there's hardly

a san francisco cocktail trend that h. doesn't have a hand in. "

-jon bonné, san francisco chronicle wine editor

" world class cocktails... this quintessential neighborhood watering hole offers

something every night... you'll also find a wide-selection of american and hard-to-find

european brews... the daily happy hour from 3-8pm packs 'em in, and mission

bar hoppers fill up the joint on weekends."

-citysearch editor stephanie laemoa


"the manhattan made here with elixir's hand-selected barrels of eagle rare bourbon is a treat."

- jonathan beckhardt, bay guardian

"i’d describe elixir as an old-west gold rush saloon, gone modern, gone retro.

rustic, a little chic and definitely happening..."

- nathalie bovis-nelson, the liquid muse

"the best football watching vibe i've seen in the city"

- jordan mackay, 7x7 magazine



winner of...

2008 best jukebox

2005, 2006 & 2008 best bloody mary

2006 best happy hour

2006 best after-work bar

2006 best signature drinks

                              best beer                 evite reviews                    yelp reviews

                               aol cityguide 2007              4 out of 5 stars                         4 out of 5 stars



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august, 2012 (elixir cocktails)

gastronomique en vouge ( does a 10 page spread of elixir cocktails

with a short feature on h. and pairing each summer fruit with a gorgeous model!

summertime, when the drinkin is easy starts on page 33 and goes to page 43,

click on the preview under the cover shot and find those pages

(you'll have to spring for $35 for the hard copy!)

or...check out the pages for these cocktails


cover (note h.'s name featured on lower left)


center street julep       emperor norton's 2nd mistress     kuta sunrise     pacific star


eastern market     roxanne's ricky     summer camp     tiki tom    zapotec sour



august 7, 2012 (elixir cocktails)

wine enthusiast ( highlights some of h.'s suggestions

for summer fun, as well as the peppermelon cocktail in

make it and take it mixology

august, 2012 (elixir cocktails) loves 2 of our drinks (#3 san francisco sangaree and #7 the star gazer) in

"16 yummy cocktails made with wine"

july 18, 2012 (elixir cocktails; whiskey) reviews our mission irish cocktail.

july 17, 2012 (elixir cocktails; whiskey)

san francisco bay guardian previews our summer menu and

reviews our private four roses bourbon collection

july 13, 2012 (elixir in the news; mocktails; whiskey)

the huffinton post writes about our female-friendly approach

to non-alcoholic drinks and our private whiskey collection

june 27, 2012 (elixir in the news)


the wall street journal reviews h.'s cocktail classes at the boothby center

summer, 2012 (elixir cocktails)

cosmo for latinas writes about the whatamelon no.3 cocktail in their premier issue

august, 2011 (elixir in the news)

us airways magazine writes about the san francisco cocktail scene, featuring elixir

august 30, 2011 (elixir in the news) calls elixir their favorite "non-sports bar" sports bar

in a around up of san francisco alternatives to the typical sports bar

august 16, 2011 (elixir in the news)

washington post columnist jason wilson consults h.

on the topic of pairing beer and spirits in his article the beer back: a step forward?

august 5th, 2011 (elixir cocktails) features the whatamelon cocktail off our summer menu

february 23, 2011 (elixir cocktails) features the kentucky pilgrim

october 26, 2010 (elixir cocktails)

citysbest.cominterviews elixir manager nick desenfants about the celery cup in

"elixir mixmaster recommends celery cup #1"

october 6, 2010 (elixir cocktails)

wine enthusiast magazine features the pear of roses cocktail

recipe in "fireside cocktails"

october, 2010 (elixir cocktails)

gq magazine lists elixir in the 25 best cocktail bars in america!!!

september 21, 2010 (interview)'s asks h. about elixir, history,

the boothby center and san francisco cocktail week, "gold rush cocktails"

september, 2010 (elixir catering; elixir cocktails)'s wedding planning ideas, including a "new fashioned tea party"

includes our ruby chai appletini recipe.

september, 2010 (elixir in the news)

continental airline's in-flight magazine recommends elixir as their #1 spot in "three to try"

june/july, 2010 (elixir in the news)

esquire magazine's drinks writer and elixir old fashioned fan

david wondrich lists our little bar in the 2010 best bars in america article. what an honor!

(click to slide 15 of 36 to see elixir's picture and write up)

august 21, 2010 (elixir in the news)'s travel blog about san francisco recommends coming to "say cheers at elixir!"

august 21, 2010 (elixir in the news; elixir events)

the elixir victorian catering bar makes its debut at sf chefs as part of the pom wonderful "double bubble lounge", featuring 6 different pom cocktails. here are some reviews...

art and entertain methe pom wonderful website (with recipes),   kitchen confidant

april 16, 2010 (elixir in the news)

haute living magazine interviews the bartender of the year

april, 2009 (elixir in the news)

pickel back mania breaks out around the country and elixir is

recognized as an early adopter of the nyc originated craze  "sour cocktails have bartenders in a pickle"  

insidef&  "pickle backs jump the shark"

april 11, 2010 (elixir in the news) turns to h. for advice on "how to choose or create

a signature drink or wedding cocktail for your special event"

april 6, 2010 (elixir in the news) guide to cocktails' colleen graham interviews the bartender of the year


march 7, 2010 (elixir cocktails)

the san franciso chronicle cocktail columnist gaz regan

tells his bitter(s) story and features the friar serra flip

march, 2010 (elixir cocktails, elixir in the news)

nightclub and bar magazine names h. as

2010 bartender of the year and puts him on the cover!

turn to page 18 to read about it.

"barkeep extraordinaire"

march/april, 2010 (elixir cocktails, elixir in the news)

imbibe magazine writer paul clarke does a feature on vodka

cocktails featuring the eldersour recipe (not in the online version) "vodka makes a comeback"


february 26, 2010 (published articles) features an article on the history of the pickle back, written by h., pickle power

february 25, 2010 (elixir in the news) features h. in their roundup of bay area mixologists in

blending perfection: haute 5 mixologists in san francisco

february 12, 2010 (elixir in the news)

the san francisco chronicle includes elixir's collection of unaged whiskies

in an article that explores the increasing availability of these unique distillates

"white whiskey drips into the mainstream"

san francisco chronicle


february 10, 2010 (elixir in the news)

nightclub & bar magazine consults h. on gins and botanical spirits in

a survey of how they are used in cocktails today in "gin goes global"

january 28, 2010 (published articles) features an article by h. on

where to drink in rio de janiero, one for the road: drinking in rio.

january, 2010 (elixir cocktails) features pictures of h., elixir

and the celery cup no1., winter sour and old sydneytown punch.

january 15, 2010 (published articles) features h.'s article on vodka infusions, vodka your way

december 2009 (elixir cocktails)

elixir holiday cocktails featured in various websites:

yuletide moon on

old sydneytown punch on


december 16 ,2009 (elixir in the news)

our love of mezcal has made mention in jordan mackay's 7x7 magazine list of

the drinking trends of 2009: #10 mezcal rising.

december 15 ,2009 (elixir cocktails)

the new york times  bay area blog presents the añogo as

a part of the san francisco cocktail revivial.

december 14, 2009 (elixir cocktails) highlights our old sydneytown punch as a festive holiday favorite.

december 13, 2009 (elixir cocktails)

they are making good holiday cocktails around the country thanks to some syndicated recipes in papers like the modesto bee, the bellinham herald, and more

and thier look at christmas spirits and the old sydneytown punch.

december 4, 2009 (elixir cocktails) presents the yuletide moon off of elixir's holiday cocktail menu.


december 1, 2009 (elixir in the news) preview's h.'s presentation at the museum

of the american cocktail about san francisco style in cocktails.

august 30 , 2009 (elixir in the news)

san francisco chronicle highlights h.'s and others' efforts

to grow a cocktail garden where future cocktail ingredients will be sourced.

"more bars growing own cocktail ingredients"


july 13, 2009 (elixir cocktails)

usa today highlights our use of honey in cocktails in a piece called

"ten great places to make a beeline for the honey"

(try the peppermelon cocktail on our current menu for one of those honey drinks!)

july 6, 2009 (elixir in the news)

nightclub and bar magazine asks h. about current cocktail trends in stylish sips

july 2009 (elixir cocktails; green drinks)

the highlights 2 of h.'s summer organic cocktails:

country thyme, moonlight on the peach,

and the celery cup, in its survey of organic cocktails.

june 2009 (elixir in the news; charity guest bartending)

7x7 magazine awarded elixir charity guest bartending with

"most lucrative night out" in their 2009 best of the city awards.

may, 2009 (elixir cocktails) video

food network's posts video of h. making the barbary flip.

as the official cocktail of san franisco cocktail week, h. kicked off the week

by showing everyone how to make the drink and discusses flips as a cocktail style.


may, 2009 (elixir in the news; green drinks)pdf document

in style magazine features elixir as a "green bar" in it's review of  "what's now..."

april/may, 2009 (elixir in the news; green drinks)online magazine

the restaurant standard (the online magazine of the

california restaurant association) focuses on culinary trends

behind the bar in "redefining refreshment"   (go to page 25)and includes

a side article about elixir in "going green behind the bar" (go to page 26)


april, 2009 (elixir cocktails)

chef joanne weir publishs her newest book "tequila" featuring

h.'s "cable car no.2" cocktail. pick up a copy on amazon now by clicking below on the picture.

it features many great bartenders from san francisco and beyond.

april 18, 2009 (elixir in the news) radio interview

kgo radio (abc) host grace ann walden fills in on the gene burns show and

interviews h. about vodka history, pre-prohibition cocktails

and san francisco cocktail week. listen in now.


                                 don't forget to check out grace ann's            and click here to buy

                               yummy newsletter and sign up for it!              a copy of joanne's new book


april 19 , 2009 (elixir cocktails; elixir in the news)

cheers magazine consults h. on the state of tequila

in the consumer's eyes in southern heat

april 9 , 2009 (elixir cocktails; green drinks) ( highlights the country thyme  cocktail in its piece

"organic cocktails go mainstream: where to find them"

april 8 , 2009 (elixir cocktails; green drinks)

cheers magazine features the rancho ancho cocktail

march, 2009 (elixir in the news)

chef magazine profiles h. in

"cocktail culture: a san francisco bar-chef shares tips for making signature drinks"

february, 2009 ( elixir cocktails)

kevin brauch, host of the thirsty traveler, writes a piece for

about the best cocktails he's experienced in his global travels, including

the drinks h. designed for the level iii restaurant at the jw marriott in

san francisco. he highlights the golden gate fog.

february, 2009 (elixir cocktails)

marie claire mentions h.'s popular country thyme in

" green drinks: 6 indulgently organic cocktails "

february, 2009 (elixir in the news)

nightclub and bar magazine selects h. as one of three finalists

for its operator of the year award during the 5 star awards ceremony on march 3rd

at the mandalay bay resort in las vegas. he's in excellent company with finalists

julie reiner, owner of famed nyc cocktailbars the flatiron lounge and brooklyn's

clover club as well as jessie and cywaits of both xs and tryst at the wynn

las vegas resort. tough competition for a small corner bar...also being honored

with a lifetime acheivement award that night is king cocktail himself, dale degroff.


february 4, 2009 (elixir in the news; elixir cocktails) video asks h. to discuss where and why he goes to get a perfect sazerac.

february 3, 2009 (elixir green drinks)

art in the age of mechanical production highlights elixir

as a spot to check out in san francisco for green drinks, including a youtube

post of the your tv20 pot from last february.

january 16 , 2009(elixir cocktails) mentions elixir as the place to be for national hot buttered rum day

december 31, 2008 (elixir cocktails) discusses bloody marys and lists

the bloody elixir in "the morning after"

december 23, 2008 (elixir in the news) lists the yultide moon in "five holiday cocktails to lift holiday spirits"

december 17, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

yumsugar.comlists the ruby chai appletini amongst it's "favorite cocktails of 2008"

december 13, 2008 (elixir in the news)

fog city journal covers santacon and it's onslaught at elixir (with photos).

december 13, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

mouth of wonder , a santa fe, new mexico radio show, picks up the smoked anise recipe from the ny times as "refreshing beverage of the week"

december, 2008 (elixir in the news)

square one organic spirits profiles h. as their brand ambassador and mixologist.

december, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

the national honey board posts two elixir cocktails:

lavender honey cream and the peppermelon

november 27, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

the new york times higlights the smoked anise cocktail

(with a photo) in "where there's smoke, there's firewater".

november 27, 2008 (elixir in the news / green drinks) profiles elixir as a "genuine pioneer" in the area of "greening the bar" in "sustainable spirits, green bar, good business"

november 18, 2008 (elixir in the news)pdf viewer required

where magazine does a feature on san francisco cocktails, with some advice from h.

page 1  page 2

november 18, 2008 (elixir in the news) in louisiana, consults h. on cocktail tips

november 19, 2008 (elixir in the news) in springfield, mo looks to elixir for advice on green holiday parties

november 14, 2008 (elixir cocktails)'s "partysugar" writes again about an

elixir cocktail for autumn: the ruby chai appletini in the feature happy hour

november 2008 (elixir events)

go magazine (airtran's in-flight magazine) mentions elixir's up-coming

repeal day party celebrating the 75th anniversary of that glorious emancipation

in an article about cocktail bars, "cocktail confidential"

november 2008 (elixir cocktails)  pdf viewer required

944 magazine mentions elixir as the place to get a holland house cocktail in san francisco.


october 31, 2008 (elixir in the news) consults h. on how to "trick up your halloween cocktails"

october, 2008 (elixir cocktails)  pdf viewer required

nightclub and bar magazine does an entire article on elixir's fall cocktails and h.'s approach to creating them, in "elixir of the season" page 1 and page 2

september 27, 2008 (green drinks) includes elixir in a round-up of organic bars,

but mistakenly claims we only serve organic booze. "totally organic bars: realistic or rediculou?"

september, 2008 (elixir cocktails) blogs about elixir's smoked anise cocktail and the

marie brizard cocktail competition it is entered in.

september, 2008 (elixir in the news; green drinks)

missionlocal.orgwriter caitlin esch writes about elixir as a

green buisiness and what that means in "saving the environment one drink at a time".

september 3, 2008 (elixir in the news; green drinks)

washington post cocktail writer jason wilson interviewed h. about organics

and the green bar movement for this piece about slow food nation,

"claiming a seat at the slow food bar".

august / september 2008 (elixir cocktails) pdf viewer required

working mother magazine luls moms to sleep with

an herbal cocktail elixir concocted by dr. ehrmann, in the article "time for you"


august 31,2008 (elixir in the news: green drinks)

miami herald contributor jenny adam's guides floridians

to elixir and kuleto's in this article about "going green in san francisco"

august, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

gq magazine lists the bloody elixir as

#4 in their article "the top 20 cocktails in america"

august, 2008 (elixir green drinks)

hearst journalism awards grants 1st place and a $5k scholarship to

univ. of florida journalism student john cox for his

"on the spot" assignment about elixir as a green bar.

july 30, 2008 (cocktail classes)

sf weekly's sf foodie columist brian bernbaum writes about h.'s cocktail classes

july 18, 2008 (elixir cocktails) writes about the new elixir summertime cocktail, blue gin rizz

july 1, 2008 (elixir in the news) radio

national public radio's (npr) local outlet, kqed, hosts a one-hour

conversation about "the cocktail renaissance", featuring h.,

dale "king coctail" degroff and ted "dr. cocktail" haigh.

july 7, 2008 (elxir on tv)

h. mixes up some blueberry "mocktails" on

abc-tv's "view from the bay with janelle wang and spenser christian.

july, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

san francisco's newest lifestyle magazine, 944,published an article h.

wrote about "building a better cocktail" for their arcitecture issue: the harvey milk punch

june, 2008 (elixir in the news, green drinks) pdf - acrobat reader needed

nightclub and bar magazine puts h. on the cover

and eddie, johanna and ben inside for

"green future: the case for going green"  here's the cover shot.  and the article.

june 13, 2008 (elixir in the news)

blogger and bartender jay crabb puts elixir on his list of favorite cocktail bars in san francisco,

on jay crabb's alcoholic opus.

june, 2008 (elixir green drinks) pdf

cheers magazine put's h. and some drinks front and center

for "the environmentalist at the bar".

june, 2008 (elixir cocktails) pdf

food and beverage magazine writes about the caipirinha cocktail,

interviewing h. and publishing his strawberry caipirinha recipe.

june, 2008 (elixir news)

historian and drinks correspondent david wondrich mentions elixir

in esquire magazine’s best bars in america


may/june 2008 (elixir green drinks) pdf file

imbibe magazine discusses elixir’s green programs amongst

other bars around the country doing it green.


may, 2008 (elixir cocktails) lists elixir's country thyme cocktail

amongst "the best new summer cocktails"


may 30, 2008 (elixir in the news)

the san francisco examiner runs an interview with h.

in “meet your mixologist”


may 28, 2008 – (elixir events, elixir cocktails) video

on the second episode in a series of three (“saturated with sazeracs”),

the small screen network publishes a video of h. making his

contemporary spin on the classic sazerac cocktail, the shirazerac

(video clip with recipe published on the site).


may 26, 2008 (elixir events)video

the small screen network’s first episode of “saturated with sazeracs”

shows tales of the cocktail founder hosting the save the sazerac happy hour

as part of san francisco cocktail week. she interviews attendees including bill hart

and george fricelli of the sazerac company and cocktail historian and author

david wondrich, and guest bartender dominic venegas demonstrates

the construction of a classic sazerac behind the elixir stick.


may 20, 2008 (elixir charity guest bartending)

hezrocks blog describes a night behind the bar as a charity guest bartender at elixir.


may 17, 2008 (elixir events) reviews the “save the sazerac” event at elixir.


may 16, 2008 (elixir cocktails)

the san francisco chronicle lists the 7 dragons cocktail

in a piece about domain de canton liqueur.


may 9, 2008 (elixir events, elixir cocktails)

the san francisco chronicle’s cocktalian writer and recipe

detective gary regan, poses the question: “who made this cocktail anyway?”


may 3, 2008 (elixir green drinks, elixir cocktails)

in a nationally broadcast piece, national public radio interviews

h. in elixir about what it means to be a “green bar” and how to make some organic cocktails.


may 2, 2008 (elixir green drinks, elixir cocktails)

the eloquent and poetic cocktailian, gary regan, profiles h. as a leader in “the green front”

and describes the moonlight on the peach cocktail,

in this san francisco chronicle piece.


april 18, 2008 blogger and bartender jimmypatrick

attended one of h's cockail ambassadors cocktail classes   and

wrote a fun summary of the class.

april 30, 2008 (elixir cocktails, elixir events) blogger anita attended

one of h's cockail ambassadors cocktail classes and loved

the elixir classic, country thyme.

april 2, 2008 (elixir green driks, elixir cocktails) covers elixir's organic drinks program

and features the ruby chai appletini.

march 22, 2008 (elixir in the news / elixir cocktails)

san francisco's local tv station kron4 invites h. into the studio to make organic cocktails with henry tenenbaum on the saturday morning news. video feed coming soon.

february, 2008 (elixir cocktails) highlights the milkpunch named desire after it debuted at the tales of the cocktail new orleans media event.

february 17, 2008 (elixir in the news/ green drinks / elixir cocktails)

your tv20's green living show "your green life" does a segment on h.

making "green drinks" behind the stick at elixir, including 3 recipes.

february 1, 2008 (elixir in the news)

sf chronicle features h. in

"bar stars: a dozen trendsetters who've shaken up the cocktail scene"

january 25, 2008 (green drinks)

san francisco business journal finds elixir's greenbar staus as the talk of the town.

january, 2008 (opinion)

"distilling the grape" - h. is asked about marketing grape vodkas

in wine business monthly (adobe acrobat pdf viewer required)

january 2008 (elixir in the news / green drinks)

your tv20 does a news spot on the launch of green and tonic. click here to see the video.

january 2008 (elixir in the news)

food and wine magazine includes h.'s work in its listing of the 100 tastes to try in 2008

december 19 , 2007 (green drinks) mentions elixir in an article about green beverages called

"drink this and you may feel pleasantly green".

december 2007 (wine cocktails)

"tales of the winetail : wine stars in mixed drinks" - jefferey lindenmuth's

food arts magazine  story about the growing use of wine in cocktails

highlight's h.'s r. h. philips cocktails.

december 2007 (elixir cocktails)

men's health magazine features the elixir holiday cocktail, añogo,

in its holiday issue. article not yet online .

december 16, 2007 (green drinks)

the boston globe notes, elixir and our green drinks program in a piece

about san francisco going green called "green ambition" (elixir mention on page 3)

december 11, 2007 (green drinks)

h. wrote an article on making organic cocktails in the colder months for


                   shirazerac recipe               "it's not some lame catering spread"-        colin, gary regan and h.

      "this rich winner packs a punch."                    - jordan mackay                   making manhattans at elixir

                 -duggan mcdonnell               on the random free bbqs at elixir      

nov/dec issue, 2007 (wine cocktails / elxir cocktails & recipes/ holiday cocktails)

duggan mcdonnell writes about the growing trend of wine in cocktails

and features h's r.h. phillips project and the shirazerac recipe.

imbibe magazine does not publish content online , so here are some pdf scans page 1   page 2

october 2007 (elixir in the news / green drinks)

listen to this podcast of radio station green 960am as they interview h.

and profile the bar's green certification and organic drinks program.

october 2007 (elixir in the news)

h. is consulted on the gin market on

november 7, 2007 (green drinks)

elixir's green is on display again as "the daily bite" on

november, 2007 (wine cocktails) features the vinter's nightcapin it's trends: back to the vine segment

october 26, 2007 (elixir in the news)

7x7 magazine spirits editor and drinks blogger jordan mackay writes about why

elixir is "the best football watching vibe i've seen in the city".(scan to this date's entry)

october 1, 2007 (wine cocktails / elxir cocktails & recipes)

stephen beaumont writes about h.'s new line of wine cocktails and the movement towards their creation in nation's restaurant news (requires free registration)    here's a pdf

september 21,2007 (elixir cocktails)

manhattan-addict gary regan writes about his favorite thing: manhattans for the sf chronicle. his list of tasty variations on the classic includes h.'s lasted, the naphattan.    


   h. and dale degroff enjoying                         jack's ass, featured in 7x7            h.'s on the cover of sf chron

        dale's favorite martini                                    (no, that's his head)                                    wine section


september, 2007  (tales of the cocktail / elixir cocktails & recipes)

beverage media magazine's dale "king cocktail" degroff wrote a great article about h., elixir and some of h.'s cocktails. .(pdf - adobe reader reequired))

september 7, 2007 (elixir cocktails)

"6 top notch tipples" plauds the elixir manhattan in the san francisco bay guardian

august 1, 2007 (tales of the cocktail)

the cocktail spirit with robert hess posted a video recap of tales of the cocktail. check out h's performance in the first ever bar chef competition starting at 5:12 into the video.

july 27, 2007 (elxir in the news)

jordan mackay includes elixir as a place to get a good hemingway daiquiri in his blog. 7x7 magazine

july 27, 2007 (tales of the cocktail)

sf chronicle wine section article about san francisco cocktail community participation in tales of the cocktail, featuring a photo of h. at the bar chef challenge.

july 23, 2007 (mixology / elixir cocktails)

7x7 magazine quotes h. on bartending techniques and mentions jack andrews in two seperate articles

july 23, 2007 (wine cocktails)

the liquid muse writes about h.'s creation of wine cocktails for rh phillips

(remember to search for the entry on this date)

press release for rh phillips project here.

july 22, 2007 (tales of the cocktail)

the liquid muse blogs about h and other san francisco cocktailians @ new orlens' tales of the cocktail (remember to search for the entry on this date)

june 29, 2007 (elixir cocktails)

infusions 2.0: the sf chronicle applauds the rose hip-infusion used in our eldersour cocktail

june 22-28, 2008 (elixir cocktails & recipes)

h. was recently invited to compete in the first annual 7x7 magazine pour off, as voted by 7x7 readers. he competed against some of the city's best mixologists and won "most interesting use of ingredients" for his ruby natsumi. to read all about it, see the photos and get the recipes, check out jordan mackay's buzzed blog for these dates.

june 17, 2007 (elixir in the news)

the liquid muse writes about elixir in her review of cocktail week.


may 22, 2007 (elixir in the news)

camper english is a local, self-proclaimed "booze writer" and has written about elixir several times in different publications. here's his always entertaining blog "cocktails with camper" and his recollection of last night's closing parties for san francisco cocktail week.

may 21, 2007 (mixology)

7x7 magazine wine and spirits editor enjoys h.'s cocktail demonstration at bourbon and branch during san francisco cocktail week and blogs about it.

may 18, 2007 (elixir in the news)

sf chronicle piece on san francisco cocktail week


april 18, 2007 (green drinks)

sf bay guardian praises elixir as "green drinks ground zero" and praises our greenteani and eldersour cocktails


april 6, 2007 (elixir cocktails & recipes - video)

roth vodka launches its video-driven website, featuring clips of h. making three cocktails and discussing tools and techniques of moxology

april 4, 2007 (green drinks)

sf bay guardian feast supplement lists elixir in "6 green bars and bistro's" stating " this mission saloon is all about going above and beyond"


march 28, 2007 (historic)

sf bay guardian superlist edition discusses elixir's role as one of the most historic bars in san francisco

march 16, 2007 (elixir in the news)

gary regan's sf chronicle article about the resurgence of rye whiskey quotes h. and mention's elixir's rye collection. (wine section cover story)

february 17, 2007

international press (green drinks)

london's paper, the gaurdian, talks about elixir's green lead insan francisco: "24-hour green party people"

february 7, 2007 (elixir cocktails)

the bay guardian's guide to "some of the city's sexiest, sultriest cocktails" review's elixir's blooming rose cocktail.

january 15, 2007 (elixir cocktails) mention's h.'s irish coffee preferences

january 8, 2007 (cocktail club)

the city dish promotes the cocktail club

january 5, 2007   (cocktail club)

san francisco chronicle's "sipping news" touts elixir's cocktail club

january 2007 (cocktail club / charity guest bartending / elixir cocktails)

san francisco magazine highlight's our citys cocktail culture with a feature of the best spots and people, including mentions of elixir's cocktail club, charity guest bartending and vodka salad bar, as well as h's hunt for a unique garnish.

december 29, 2006 (elixir cocktails)

in preparation of new year's day hangovers, this san francisco chronicle article talks about

h's bloody maria (with a photo of h "shakin' it")

september, 2006 (elixir cocktails)

nightclub & bar magazine lists elixir's scary mary organic bloody mary recipe as a top halloween promotion.

(charity guest bartending)

2006 best of the bay

"bestway to turn your cocktail shaker into a charity moneymaker"

(elixir cocktails)

san francisco bay guardian on our make-your-own bloody mary bar.

(charity guest bartending)

san francisco bay guardian on our charity guest bartending program.

(elixir in the news)

sf chronicle 96 hours: best places to watch march madness

(elixir cocktails)

sf chronicle 96 hours: bloody marys that don't disappoint

(charity guest bartending)

sf weekly's katy st. clair experiences a night at ecgb

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