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current and past menus, INCLUDING THE RECIPES!:






Classic Handmade Egg Nog       Traditional Tom and Jerry             Hot Butt Rum                


2016 Holiday Menu


Classic Cocktail Menu





downlowd these past menus with recipes, too.

(pdf viewer needed)


 Autumn 2016



    Bonded & Mulled         Duncan's Secret Swizzle       Oaktown Gintonic




Early Summer 2016                        Late Summer 2016      









Spring 2016


Bajan Love Punch                    Sunday Streets



The Elixir Mule       Yerba Buena Sling     Basil Negroni      




the pimm's cup                         schpritzer sister                          whatamelon no. 3

low impact summer menu            low impact summer                   seasonal summer menu


       manzana fizz                                     sutton and soda


Elixir Whiskey Cocktails                 rare tequila menu 1st release


spring seasonal 2014             Elixir Holiday Menu 2014

low impact menu - winter 2014

(low- and no-alcohol drinks)

watch a video of h. making the pimm's cup.


winter 2014

(seasonally, produce-driven cocktails)

photos of all of the autumn 2013 menu available here.


autumn 2013    

low impact autumn menu 2013

low impact summer menu              summer 2013

spring 2013                           winter 2013

autumn 2012          holiday 2012

spring 2012                  summer 2012

presidio punch no.2


holiday 2011            winter 2012   

spring 2011        summer 2011

winter 2011       holiday 2010 

autumn 2010



elixir classics

celery cup no. 1 $10

square one cucumber organic vodka, muddled celery, cilantro and cucumber, pimm’s,

lemon juice and agave nectar, shaken and double strained tall and over


tender knob $10

knob creek bourbon, organic granny smith apples, hard cider, cinnamon and

organic agave nectar, serve on the rocks and country-style in a pint glass


the hollinger manhattan project $10

rittenhouse 100 rye, carpano antica, luxardo maraschino, absinthe rinse, and an orange twist


classic cocktails

$10 ($8 during happy hours)

pisco punch

this san francisco original has deep roots in our barbary coast history.

every bar in town should be making this cocktail…properly.

2oz pisco porton, .75oz small hand foods pineapple gum syrup, 1oz lemon juice;

shaken and served short and over fresh ice


pisco sour

"the most delicious sour cocktail on the planet ."- h.

2oz barsol pisco quebranta, 1oz lime juice, 1oz simple syrup and .75oz egg white;

shaken and served up with angostura bitters drops



2oz pierre ferrand ambre cognac, 1oz lemon juice, 1oz cointreau;

shaken and strained up with sugar on half of the rim



(tony's favorite)

1oz each tanqueray gin, campari and dolin sweet vermouth, over, orange slice


rye old fashioned

the name comes from the era when simple cocktails got fancy and

people had to ask for cocktails the “old fashioned way”: spirit, sugar, water and bitters

2oz pikesville rye, superfine sugar, angostura and a lemon twist

(try it with several different ryes or bourbons to find your old fashioned)


bronx cocktail

“imagine a long bar with no stools, a cigar counter at one end and an oyster bar at the other,

and wild bill hickok, in town for the wild west show, elbow to elbow with you at the big brass rail” – dale degroff

1.5oz aviation gin, barspoon each of sweet and dry vermouths, .75oz fresh squeezed orange juice

and 2 dashes of angostura bitters; shaken, up, orange twist


john or tom collins

a mid-1800’s gin punch, it started with john (with genever and later became popular

as tom (with old tom gin)). the formula is the same for each: spirit, lemon juice, powdered sugar and soda water; tall and over with an orange slice and a maraschino cherry

john collins: bols genever      tom collins: hayman’s old tom gin              


caipirinha (pronounced kai-peer-eee-nya)

2oz boca loca cachaca, lime, sugar, mmm….it doesn’t get more brazillian

variation: try some other fruit in it. ask your bartender what’s available


1.5oz appleton estate reserve rum, 1oz lime juice and 1oz simple syrup;

shaken and served up ($7 during the elixir quiz, tuesdays from 9pm to midnightish)

organic ingredients used whenever and where possible.

examples of some seasonal and green cocktails :

availability based on seasonal ingredients. ask your bartender.

candied agave fizz

 muddled granny smith apple and organic agave nectar, with 4 copas organic blanco tequila and 1 egg white, shaken and strained tall over ice, then topped with dry english cider


organic appletini

square one organic vodka, muddled organic fuji apples, organic apple juice, fresh grated organic cinnamon, organic agave nectar; shaken and served up with a fuji apple slice


ruby chai appletini

square one and organic apple cider, infused with numi organic ruby chai, shaken with muddled gala apples and organic agave nectar; served up with a gala apple slice


peach bada bing #2

bing cherry-infused square one, rhum clement creole schrub, white peach puree, angustora bitters and soda water; served tall and over ice with an orange slice.


pretty pepper 

hibiscus-infused square one organic vodka, habañero and red bell pepper-infused

corralejo reposado tequila, cointreau, agave nectar, fresh lime and lemon juice;

garnished with dried hibiscus flower and a lime wheel



square one organic vodka infused with organic rose hips, fresh lemon juice,

egg white, powdered sugar and st. germain elderflower liqueur;

shaken and served up with a dash of peychaud’s bitters


chocolate mint mojito

square one organic vodka infused with organic cocoa beans, organic chocolate mint,

organic simple syrup and organic lime juice



4 copas organic blanco, kosher salt, fresh lime juice and squirt;

served tall with a salted rim and over ice


organic margarita

our premium organic margarita features 4 copas organic reposado tequila, fresh squeezed

organic lime juice with pulp, 4 copas organic agave nectar; shaken and served over ice


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