farmer's market information

for finding the best seasonal produce near you:


they provide links to every state with listings of farmer's markets near you

(here's the link for california, our backyard)

cuesa @ san francisco's ferry plaza

center for urban education about sustainable agriculture

produce seasonality

information to help you rotate your cocktail menu

cuesa's seasonality charts

you can click on seperate charts for

"fruits and nuts", "flowers and plants" and "meat, cheeses and other products"

greenleaf monthly newsletter

greenleaf is a local produce wholesaler who puts out a great monthly

newsletter about what's going on now in  produce.


bar tools

places to get the things you need to make great cocktails

for the best muddlers in the land.

lots of great bar supplies for both the ome and the pro bartender.

cocktail kingdom

a special selection of craft cocktail tools and books, some custom made or recreated.


lots of cool bar tools, barware and other culinary supplies from japan

bed bath and beyond

a large outlet for all kinds of cheap tools and culinary supplies. plus if you stack up those 20% coupons they constatnly mail or post in magazines, you always get 20% off.

educational resources

the american distilling institute is a wealth of information on

the distilling process. join now and support their work.

small screen network

lots of our friends have web channels on here where they teach you about cocktails, spirits and techniques.


ljared brown and anastasia miller have written books on just about every topic in cocktailia. they also have reat articles on their blogs, videos and more. poking around this website will cover a lot of bases and have you with 8or 10 windows open.

travel sites

we have a top ranking on, a worldwide hotel, accommodation and bed and breakfasts network with pages for every town in the usa including a san francisco motel page and our own unique page elixir

san francisco vacation rentals


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