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regular events:

sundays: game night brings friends together for happy hour prices and classic board games.

mondays: the mission monday margarita bingo with $6 milagro margs and $5 shots

tuesdays: the elixir quiz (win booze for bein' smaht, and laugh while doing it.)

     wednesdays: the infamous elixir charity guest bartending  (ecgb)

thursdays: cocktail club


140th derby day

may 3rd starting at 1pm

mint juleps!

big hats!

an afternoon of partying for

2 minutes of glory







this year's cocktail club will be a mix of various events that provide

entertainment and education to any and all who would take the time

to learn about the pleasures of the beverages we drink and the culture behind them.

please join us in welcoming distillers, brand ambassadors, bartenders and authors

throughout the year.

cocktail club

every thursday 7-9



charity guest bartending

every wednesday we raise money for various charities by allowing guest bartenders behind the bar to help their favorite cause. if you would like to seize the opportunity, please sign up here .  get on the schedule now!!!.


charity guest bartending is a charity event where two to four people can work behind the bar raising money for charity with their tips. it is also very fun ! please find out more about how you can be an elixir guest bartender   for a night and raise money for your favorite charity.




  having an event of your own?


elixir cocktail catering

a beverage catering service for any size event.

click here for details.


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charity guest bartending

our weekly community program


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