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your main responsibility is to fill the room and keep it full from 9pm until close (2am).

you are to market your night on your own, but you must at least send an evite  to a minimum of 100 people. when you are confirmed by an email from us with your date, you will create an evite and send it to at least 100 people. this can be easily achieved when you have friends add their people as well.

if your evite has under 100 invitees with less than 2 weeks to go before your event, we may cancel the event. so get on top of it and stay on top of it. this is your only responsibility prior to the event.

evite has proven to be a very effective tool for these events, so we insist that you use it as a minimum in marketing your event. sending your own emails, making flyers, calling people and any other method you'd like to employ is also recommended. remember: more people, more money.

the night of the event

you come in at 8pm to train and prepare. you'll be taught how to use the register, pour basic drinks, learn where everything is and understand how the night will work. the event begins at 9pm . after that, you just have a ton of fun.


the fundraising

tips: you will split the tips with the elixir bartender on duty 50%/50% (the doorman is also tipped 10% of the total tips). they are, after all, working a regular shift on their regular job, so they need to make their regular income (elixir bartender tips are capped to keep it fair for them and the charity. here's the rule: 10% of gross tips to the doorman and 50/50 split up to $310 gross tips ($30 door/$140 each) then everything over $310 goes to the charity). also, if the register is short it is made up out of the tips. our bartender will count the tips after the night and your share will be sent to the charity of your choice by us (we will send a check to the charity within 4-6 weeks of your event with a note explaining the night, who raised the money and how - note: we do note write checks to individuals, so come with your charity's information on hand). it is best to choose the charity ahead of time to allow them the chance to bring people, too (thereby helping you fill the room and strive for the highest sales). we have a list of mission-district charities for you to choose from and would prefer that one of them be chosen in order to keep the money in the neighborhood (in keeping with us being a "neighborhood saloon"). if you have your own charity though, that is fine. prior to the event, please provide us with a contact person and contact information at the charity.

note 1: tipping is the primary source of fund-raising here. please make your friends aware of this. when there are multiple forms of fund-raising (raffles, door donations, etc.) it detracts from the tipping; therefore, we generally don't allow those other activities. please focus your energies on the bartending and tipping. you will raise plenty of money and have fun. when you try to do too many things, you won't have as much fun.


note 2: take the marketing seriously. there's nothing more depressing for all of us when you show up but your friends don't. we book far in advance in order to give you time to get it together. we've had a lot of success with this program over 2+ years and have learned our lessons as to what works and what doesn't. it takes a good amount of work to pull off any successful event.

be creative!

if you'd like to come up with a motif, theme, outfits or other way to make the night more fun and interesting, simply propose it and we will try to make it work for you.  we've had catholic school girls, marching bands, custom made t-shirts, and more. have fun with it!

who's eligible?

any elixir customer, age 21 or over, who thinks they have the marketing ability to fill our bar for a night and raise money for charity. each event includes 2-4 participants and an elixir bartender.


a few suggestions from experience:

1. get the evite, facebook event, twitter and every other form of marketing you can muster, out asap.

2. get 1 to 3 other people to do it with you. no more than 4 total as it gets to be too much to handle for us, the staff. guys are ok, but most crowds respond best to women behind the bar.

3. when choosing these people, try to diversify the crowds, utilizing each bartender for their access to different networks of people. this will help you get more people to the event.

4. be sure to contact and invite organizers from the charity. they have their own networks and marketing lists and can help make the event more successful. they may also want to bring information about the charity for the crowd.

5. there are two keys to raising a lot of money: 1. get a lot of people there early (9pm) 2. keeping them there late (2am).

6. please do not  wear open toe shoes or heels! you will regret it!

7. have fun with it! if you're having fun, they're having fun. and if they're having fun, they stay longer and tip more.

8. be sure to add this address to your spam filter safe list/ white list: ; otherwise, your booking information may get caught in your spam filter.


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